Feet of 18 years old Ashok cut over ankle joined by microsurgery  (22-10-18, JODHPUR)
Feet of youth removed in incident joined again  (22-10-18, Jodhpur)
Successful transplant of imputed feet in Goyal Hospital  (22-10-18, JODHPUR)
Unearthing of supply of intoxicating drugs  (21-10-18, Jaipur)
Instetitial lung disease is caused by feces of pigeon  (21-10-18, Jaipur)
Dealer held with intoxicating drug load  (20-10-18, Jaipur)
Four arrested including Doctor & mediator indulged in foetal sex determination  (20-10-18, Jaipur)
Punishment to Doctor for asking bribe for MLC  (19-10-18, JODHPUR)